Driving Tuition, Skid Control, Advanced Driving Instruction, Off Road Skills Image by Andy Newson / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Web site by AGLG Internet Walker Driving Skills North Wales Drive and survive with Walkers school of motoring.   Stuart Walker believes that when someone passes a driving test they should they be able to handle any situation on the road.  Stuart Walkers style of training is taking driver training into the 21st Century.  Stuart has a unique, more forward thinking style of training than many other driver trainers.   Someone, somewhere at some time in the near future must surely realize that the standard of driving on our roads is in general not good enough and that changes are urgently needed.  At Walkers  School of Motoring we have recognized our responsibility to learner and inexperienced drivers and we are doing more for road safety with these drivers than most other driver training organizations.   The high accident rate among young and inexperienced drivers is totally unacceptable.  Walkers School of Motoring is doing its best to reduce accident rates by training all novice drivers in all aspects of driving.   All aspects of driving are covered except for motorways (simply because learner drivers are not allowed on motorways).  When we say all aspects are covered we mean all aspects, including skid control.  Stuart walker has experience in training in the following aspects of driving:   Learner drivers Training lorry and bus drivers Off road driver training with 4x4’s Off road training with Lorries Army personnel Advanced driving to ROSPA Gold Standard Ambulance drivers in advanced driving Has trained disabled drivers in specially adapted cars Has trained many driving instructors Helped accident victims get back behind the wheel after a serious accident. Under 17 Driving Towing trailers Training flood defence workers the dangers of driving in water. International drivers to pass the UK driving test EU drivers to familiarize them with British driving system Offers a BTec in safe driving Offers specialist driver training as a solution to companies with driving efficiency or safety issues.     Walkers School of Motoring has a history of innovative driver training. For example;   Started a scheme in 1990 where learner drivers who had passed their test had extra tuition and received a discount on their insurance.  Driving standards agency introduced this many years later and called this pass plus. Any customers who learnt to drive in the mid 1990’s will remember that they were invited to driving theory classes and to vehicle maintenance classes 10 years before DSA introduced “tell me, show me” in the driving test and many years before the theory test was introduced.   Stuart’s course for his learner drivers is based upon all of his knowledge and experience and is always leading the field in driver training.  He has spent 27 years training all aspects of driving, and he has held a ROSPA Gold in advanced driving for 22 years.  Stuart estimates that he has either driven or sat in as an instructor on over 2.5 million miles in his driving career and has also covered thousands of miles off road.  Stuart has trained pupils not just at one test centre but all over Wales and also in large cities throughout the UK.